Local Gardens Competition

Ilfracombe has a thriving local gardens competition organized by Mike Edmunds for Ilfracombe in Bloom. He arranges for judges from outside the area to carry out the judging – they have come from as far away as Australia in the past!  Judging takes place in July with the awards being presented at our AGM to which all entrants are invited & is followed by a magnificent buffet courtesy of Cllr and Mrs Edmunds.

The categories are…

  • Large Hotels & Camp Sites
  • Small Hotels & B&Bs up to 10 beds
  • Houses with large front gardens
  • Houses with small front gardens
  • Houses without gardens
  • Shops, Cafes & Offices
  • Residential & Warden Homes
  • Community Group Award

The Overall Winner for 2018 – Curiosity Tea Rooms

The Overall Winner for 2017 – Susan Day Residential Home