About Us

Who We Are & What We Do…

We are a group of local residents who work to improve the town, hopefully making it a greener, cleaner and more beautiful place to live, work and visit, by organising the planting & distribution of troughs & displays throughout the town centre & by gradually taking over/creating pocket garden areas, planting sustainably where possible. We work with other groups & liaise with many businesses & local organisations.


All sections of the community who are able to support our  aims, either through financial or practical help, are welcomed. We try to ensure that all residents are able to play a full part in assisting our aims & encourage the widest possible participation in all activities regardless of  disability, gender or race.

The main impact is during the summer months with the hanging baskets & stanchions but our aim is to extend the season by continuing to plant shrubs & bulbs in the pocket gardens, giving more winter colour. We also have boats sited around the town, most with bedding plants but the one near the harbour is planted with perennials which thrive in this location.