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2011 was a busy year when we started several new projects. Trinity Place - We teamed up with Devon County Council & North Devon Council to improve the gardens, to make them more open and a feature in the town once again – much like they were many years ago. The shrubs were cut back and the ground cleared of ivy and weeds. Ilfracombe in Bloom planted the area with a variety of small shrubs as well as some perennials and we will continue to add further planting and to maintain this area.

Broad Street Planters

The North Devon Joint Delivery Team were instrumental in creating a ‘café culture’ area by widening pavements and resurfacing the road at the bottom of Fore Street and along Broad Street and they asked if we could plant and maintain permanent planters if they supplied them. In addition we were able to add a further three to complete the project, thanks to an anonymous donation.

Skate Park As part of the RHS & Woodland Trust’s ‘Planting Trees for the Community’ we had a year-round colour pack of 105 trees. Half we shared between the junior school for their woodland area and North Devon Council to plant in Bicclescombe Park & the War Memorial gardens to replace the birch trees that had been removed. The remainder we planted at the new skate Park, The Benricks, with the help of young skate park users and Transform on 26th March.


A community herb garden was built for us by Community Resources in the new car park off Fore Street, for the use of local restaurants and residents and a boat obtained to fill a gap at the other end of the car park.

Projects over the Years - then & now

2012 saw us continue to work on existing projects as well as installing new planters at Trinity Gardens which were made for us by Community Resources (Devon) CIC, a company that gives work to adults with learning difficulties

At Bicclescombe Park Road with the help of Community Resources (Devon) CIC a small area at the junction of St Brannocks Road and Bicclescombe Park Road, which had been over grown for many years, was cleared and planted with a variety of small shrubs and perennials.

2013 The main project was to enhance the Score Layby on the main approach road into Ilfracombe which had become overgrown with weeds. The ground was cleared, rotavated and prepared ready for planting a variety of shrubs - some deciduous and others evergreen - as well as a selection of summer flowering bulbs.

Having concentrated for many years on enhancing the town summer displays in 2010 it was decided to look at additional at areas where we could create or take over pocket gardens, increasing the number of shrubs and perennials, reducing the need to include summer bedding.

We started with Victoria Place and have since gone on to do work at Trinity Gardens, Bicclescombe Park Road and Score Layby as well as other small patches around the town.

                    Getting Started                                                    Newly Planted 2010                                                              2017

                     2010                                                                         2017

                 Before we started                                                    Getting to work                                                                           2017

2016/17 We have continued to improve the existing projects with the only new area being the start of the Wilder Road improvements, for which we have to thank Community Resources who did most of the work.

                 Getting Ready                                                           Newly Planted                                                                             2017