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Ilfracombe Junior School continues to work on improving Ashley’s Garden with the help of parents. The lunchtime gardeners dig and sow in the vegetable garden, which is an ongoing project and look after the composting of the school lunches waste. The after school garden club and the Eco club continue with their activities. This year a group of children planted and grew sunflowers from seeds donated by a local company.

Ilfracombe Infant and Nursery School continue to use the school allotment and grounds to develop learning in the wider curriculum.  Children across the school have had opportunities to garden this year.

Year 1 children grew some pots of flowers outside their classrooms as part of their work on living and growing. Meanwhile in Year 2 the gardening club children are busy growing potatoes and tomatoes as well as keeping many of the school planters and hanging baskets looking attractive. All of the Year 1 and 2 children continue to help in the process of producing much of their own compost at the school.

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